On 28th April the members of BRSG invited our Syrian families to a party to celebrate achieving their main aim of resettling 2 families here in Bude.
Approximately 40 of us enjoyed an afternoon which included games, music, singing & delicious food. Some members brought along their children & grandchildren. The hall was decorated with balloons, bunting and flowers. We all brought a plate of buffet food and we were treated to some typical Syrian treats such as cheese & spinach patties, hummous & falafels.
Jackie Thorpe organised games for the children such as pass the parcel & musical bumps. Yasmin Wilde used face paints so the little ones became tigers, fairies & pirates.
Our second family has only been here for a few weeks but seemed to enjoy our antics. Our first family sang us an Arabic alphabet song & presented us with a poster, see attached.
Our works continues with supporting these families while they gain independence as well as meeting our other charitable aims.
Thanks to all those of you who who have made this possible by sponsoring these families with your monthly donations and also to the people of Bude who have made our families feel welcome, accepted and safe.